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Pro staff Member Landen Beckham Texas High School State Champion 2013- 2014, ETBA Tournament Trail 2015, Founder of TJC Collegiate Fishing Team

Landen Beckham 

Favorite Gill Reaper Lure: 2.5 Pearl Shad Square Bill Crankbait and pearl shad topwater spitter,

Pro Staff Member Jason "Hardware" Haneys
Favorite Gill Reaper Lure: Pearl shad 2.5 crankbait, and bone topwater spitter.
He fishes on the federation, cracker boy, fish tails, and the oakley big bass trails

Pro Staff Member Rex Jaeger

FLW Angler 

Tournament finishes

2014 ABA Erie 6th place

2014 Rayovac Ockeechobee 1ST Place (co)

2015 FLW Tour Chickamauga 11TH Place (co)